Credit Repair Resources

Maintaining a good credit is not a one-time shot. It's a life style. You should establish habits that put you on a path to long term financial success. The good news is that there are a lot of tools and resources out there to help you out. Use technology to simplify your life and automate your financial planning.

Financial apps and software can help track your expenses and budget more efficiently. Online calculators can assist you in mapping out your payment strategies. Credit monitoring services keep you on top of your credit score. Educational materials make you a savvy financial planner and investor.

We have compiled a list of resources for you to explore. These are helpful tools in fixing and improving your credit.

Apps and Software

We live in a technologically advanced society. Due to the various apps and software programs available to you, you can start rebuilding your credit quickly. Here are some of the best apps and software programs to help you manage your financials:

PocketGuard: PocketGuard is one of the many apps that allows you to stay on top of your finances. You can track your spending habits from your phone or your computer. You can connect all your accounts and even create a budget from the convenience of your phone. Some believe it is like your wallet, only better.

SpendBook: This free app is available for iPhones at the App store. It is easy to use. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a website that you can work from your computer on. It was released in June of 2014 to rave reviews. Keeping track of your finances with this app is easy. The picture graphics making clicking the right category child’s play. Track incoming and outgoing expenses with the touch of a button.

HomeBudget with Sync: Home Budget is one of the apps that allows you to put expenses, bills, budgets and all your accounts into one place. Available for iPhone and Android users only, this app simplifies a rather mundane job. The lite version is free, but if you want the full version with reporting options, you will need to pay a subscription fee of $5.99.

Wally: You can balance your income and expenses as you take control of your money. Wally works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch systems. It is a simple app that is perfect for tracking expenses, and there is no need for crazy graphs and charts. The aesthetically pleasing design makes it very easy to use. Best of all, the cost is only $1.99.

LeveI Money: If you need an accounting app that organizes your savings plan and tells you how much you're allowed to spend, then you will enjoy Level Money. It is for Android and iPhones, and it is also available on your desktop. This free app is owned by Capitol One.

IOU debt manager: This app can be used with Android, iPhones, Windows and Windows Phone. You can keep track of loans, periodic payments, and recurring bills with ease. Best of all, this app is free. Mint is by far one of the best and most used apps for tracking finances. It is easy to use, doesn't cost one cent, and they do everything the other companies do and more. More than 1.5 million users count on this app to keep track of their finances.

CreditKarma: We saved the best for last. Credit Karma offers more than any other app on the list. They have resources for unclaimed money, ways to track your bills, a free credit monitoring service, and all sorts of tools to educate you on loans, budgeting, and good credit. It is a free service that you can add on extras for additional costs.

Online Calculators

There are numerous online calculators to help you figure out whatever life throws your way. Whether you need a new home, an SUV, or to plan for your retirement, one of these calculators can help:

Compare Credit Cards

Financial Mentor: Comparing credit cards is easy when you have the Financial Mentor’s calculator helping. There are so many credit cards out there, and finding the one best for you is now simplified.

Compound Interest Calculator

Bank Rate: This compound savings calculator, from Bank Rate, tells you how much you need to save for retirement, that dream home, or some other major purchase. It’s a handy tool for those who need help knowing exactly how much they need to put away.

Debt Elimination Calculator

TimeValue: If you want to get out of debt and repair your credit, the debt elimination calculator can help. It gives you an easy to follow payment schedule to stay on track.

Retirement Calculator

Vanguard: Saving for retirement is one of the biggest challenges in a person's life. Thankfully, this easy calculator shows you how to put back small amounts that will have a big impact in your golden years.

College Savings Calculator

Finra: Whether you are saving for college or trying to pay off student loans, this calculator is very helpful. It uses the inflation rate as well as interest rates to give you accurate numbers.

Credit Monitoring Services

Monitoring your credit is an important step in credit repair. There are numerous monitoring services that offer packages that range from a free credit score each month to reimbursement of funds for identity theft victims. Here is a list of the best and most trusted names in the industry:

CreditKarma gives you the information you need to take control of your credit. They offer a free credit score and report each month without any monthly fee. They also offer valuable reports and insights on how you can improve your credit rating.

YourScoreandMore gives you a seven-day trials. After the trial period is over, the cost is $29.95 per month. During the membership period, you will have instant access to your credit score at any time. Best of all, they alert you to any changes in your credit report or things they feel are erroneous.

PrivacyGuard helps to ensure that you are not the victim of identity theft. They provide daily monitoring as well as instant access to your credit report and score. They provide support for anyone who becomes a victim of identity theft and helps you to restore your credit.

TransUnion credit bureau also has a monitoring service. They give you updates from all three bureaus as well as alerts when new or derogatory things pop up on your credit. They also monitor for anything suspicious on your credit report. Though the service is free, you are required to enter a credit card to help prove your identity.

Lifelock provides monitoring for identity theft as well as overall credit. They have a 30-day free trial, and after that users must pay up to $30 a month. They have three different packages. If you are one of the 25 percent that has a problem with identity theft, then they provide reimbursement of funds. They can provide up to $1 million in reimbursed funds, if you have the largest protection package. They will alert you on any crimes that occur with the same name as yours and any bank or credit card alerts.

Books and Educational Videos

The web is full of educational books and videos to help you control your finances. Whether you are pulling yourself out of a credit rut or you are trying to rebuild from a job loss, there is something here for you:

Hidden Credit Repair Secrets: Mark Clayborne does a great job giving anyone who wants to repair their credit help. He knows all the tips and tricks of the trade. There is no need to hire an expert when you have this book to guide you.

Ebook Publishing School: The E-book Publishing School has numerous resources to help you repair your credit. They have educational videos to enhance your knowledge about the subject as well as steps that you must follow. Just enter your email address to get instant access to their entire library at no charge.

Credit Repair Kit For Dummies: If you want to improve your credit, but don't know where to start, this book is a good place. It will guide you with simple tips and tricks to ensure that you repair your credit. It simplifies the process for those who are not credit savvy.

The Spender’s Guide to Debt-Free Living: Anna Newell Jones takes readers on her journey from being completely broken to financial free. So many people are embracing the debt free lifestyle, and she shows you how she did it.

How To Out Smart The Credit Bureaus: If you think the credit bureaus are out to get you, Corey P. Smith will show you how to outfox them. Use their own rules to get ahead. Learn things you didn't know and take control of your credit history.